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Safety Policy

The safety of employees and the general public is of vital concern to the management of Elite Landscape, DE.  It is our intent to conduct all operations of the company in a safe manner for the protection of our employees and that of the general public.  Each employee shall be assured of a safe and healthful working environment.  It is, therefore, the policy of the company to follow operating practices and procedures that will result in a safe and efficient operation.

The management and supervision are the key personnel in our safety effort; they are in constant touch with all our employees and are aware of changing conditions.  They are charged with conducting a safe, efficient operation at all times.  Safety is a leadership responsibility and cannot be delegated to subordinate or lowered to a staff function.  Every individual who supervises, directs, or controls the work or actions of others are responsible for the safety of each person under their supervision, direction, or control.  In addition, all such individuals are responsible for the safety of equipment and property within the area of their responsibility.  All work shall be conducted in a safe, efficient, professional manner, and in accordance with the accepted safety standards of the Occupational Safety and Health act of 1970.

President's Message on Safety

The prevention of accidents on the job is of great importance to me personally and to everyone connected to Elite Landscape, DE.  Accidents cause suffering and hardship to those immediately involved, and result in job delays and expense to contractors and others.

A low accident rate will not happen by pure luck, it is always the direct result of a carefully planned program, which is carried forward by the commitment of management.  Positive action shall be taken to prevent accidents.