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Our team of award winning designers can help you with any type of enhancement projects you may be interested in. Whether it is a complete site makeover of a property or enhancing a problem area, ELITE can provide you with the design services you need.

ELITE began as a design/build residential maintenance company over 10 years ago and continues today to provide services to our clients.


ELITE's mission is to transform your landscape dreams into a reality with creativity and integrity. Whether you desire a full renovation, small enhancements or seasonal color changes, our services can reinvigorate your outside living space with creative and sensible solutions.

Designing a picture-perfect landscape with popular or traditional gardening trends makes enjoying your landscape easy. Your landscape should not only complement but also reflect the lifestyle of your home and your creative taste. Together we will collaborate to most effectively utilize your space, creating a complete outdoor experience, with:

  • Design & Installation Services
  • Seasonal Color Solutions
  • Landscape Illumination Services


ELITE's hardscape craftsmen construct your total outdoor living environment to the highest of standards. Our custom design and build services allow us to implement all your exterior structures and surrounding areas to include retaining walls, patios and specialized paving surfaces.

Let us develop a retreat outside your home, making your dreams a reality. Our custom design and build services add beauty and living space to your landscape, as well as increase your home's functionality and value with:

  • Paver walkways and driveways
  • Retaining wall projects
  • Outdoor Living Spaces

Ponds & Water Features

Experience the natural luxuries of life with outdoor pools and water features bringing vitality to your lavish landscape. Water plays a dramatic role in any landscape design with visual splendor and soothing sounds, adding another natural element to your Complete Outdoor Experience.

Our custom-pond designers help you develop the perfect backyard with an ideal pond to enjoy. Being up to date on the latest trends of pond structure design and development offers our team the knowledge and experience needed to devise and construct classic ponds, natural ponds and even custom-designed ponds to finish off a magnificent outdoor living experience.

  • Custom Design Installation
  • Pond Remodeling
  • Custom Water
  • Creative Fountains and Waterfalls

Whether you are looking for a tranquil koi pond, a cascading fountain as a striking focal point or just a relaxing pond, ELITE can help you balance all elements into one enjoyable retreat. Allow our topography and landscape experts to build and maintain your beautiful design every step of the way.


Maintaining your landscape is a crucial aspect to keeping a healthy and vivacious environment outside your property. Make a trusted commitment to your environment with our landscape management services by investing in the natural elements of your environment.

Our advanced horticultural approach to maintenance keeps your landscape groomed throughout the entire year. Our account representatives make weekly visits as well as maintaining annual maintenance procedures, giving personal attention to your needs.

Our Certified Irrigation Specialists ensure optimum conservation while keeping you in compliance with maximizing water usage to maintain the best conservation practices on your property. Efficient irrigation and drainage is essential to keeping the property investment in your home secure and well-valued. Well-designed and properly installed irrigation and drainage systems keep your landscape looking its best without over or under-watering your garden. Our team can offer you:

  • Irrigation System Installation
  • Irrigation System Modifications
  • Irrigation Service & Repair
  • Water Auditing
  • Back Flow Inspection & Certification
  • Prevent & Control Erosion Practices

Keeping your home's exterior looking superb throughout the each season year after year is one of ELITE's primary goals. We customize our comprehensive horticulture approach to each property's landscape, evaluating individual needs as they arise. Clients also appreciate our scheduled routine maintenance, provided with a professional and uniformed staff and marked vehicles. Enjoy your outdoor living space by allowing ELITE to maintain:

  • Pruning and Plant Care
  • Custom Horticulture Program
  • Complete Fertilization Program
  • Herbicide and Pesticide Program
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
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